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DRYING IRONER MCA SERIES (roller diameter 330 MM)

The IMESA drying ironer is the ideal solution for the modern laundry as it allow to save in labour and time. 
Thanks to the MCA drying ironer, the linen coming from a high spin washing machine, can be dried and ironed avoiding the traditional use of a tumble dryer. 
Thanks to the IM7 microprocessor, the IMESA drying ironer can:
  • manage up to 30 different drying programs, which can be modified and named; 
  • electronically control the ironing temperature and speed; 
  • save energy activating the Cool Down function; 
Also, the automatic temperature / speed adjustment allows a constant quality result during the working shift. 
The MCA series by IMESA is the best solution for the laundry of hotel and small retirement homes or for small craft laundries.  


MCM model drying ironer is available in 4 versions:
MCM: frontal entry and exit;
MCM RE: equipped with a motorized exit, which enables the user to choose at any time the linen exit (frontal or rear); 
MCM PF: equipped with a primary fold system which make easier and quick the laundry process;
MCM FE: thanks to the automatic feeder, the user can manage alone big linen. 

Dowload Catalogue [pdf]