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Thanks to the flatwork ironer FI SERIES, restaurants and hotel can offer to their customer an impeccable service!
The flatwork ironer model FI is unique, because of three IMESA patents which guarantee: 
  • an ironing quality constant on all the roller length; 
  • the control of the ironing pressure by the chest on the roller;
  • the maximum safety thanks to the application of the no-panic bar on the ironer front. When pressed, the bar push back the chest, even in case of black out. 
Also, the microprocessor IM7, which equipped standard the machine, allows the user to:
  •  use up to 30 ironing programs which can be freely modified and named; 
  • electronically control the ironing speed, temperature and pressure;  
  • activate the Cool Down function to save energy; 
Standard equipped with a temperature / speed automatic adjustment system, the IMESA ironers assure a constant ironing quality for all the working shift.
IMESA FI series is the best solution for hotel and restaurant laundry! 

Download Catalogue [pdf]