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P-Line series was designed to assure the same efficiency of a professional laundry to small beauty centre, hairdresser and barber shops, small restaurants, … to all those structures which needs a professional laundry solution, but not big hourly productivity.
Washing machine and tumble dryer may be equipped with a coin box, it means that these products can be installed in small self service laundry point (residence, student home, camping, hostels …)


The LM 7 P washing machine is suitable for any kind of installation thanks its sturdy structure. Frontal and top panels of this machine are in stainless steel AISI 304. The microprocessor is very user-friendly.
In addition, the washine machines LM 65 P e LM 80 P on the P-LINE range ensure a high level of stability thank of the innovative lay-off system. The washing machines are equipped with two water connection, hot and cold water that allow to save energy because the hot water in the system it is reused, decreasing the time of hitting and programme's duration.


The ES 7 P tumble dryer is designed to be complementary to the LM 7 P washing machine. Following the same style of the washer, the dryer is equipped with frontal and top panels in stainless steel AISI 304 and with an easy to be used microprocessor. Dryer can be installed next to the washing machine or stacked on it. The dyers ES 65 P and ES 80 P guarantee a professional dry also in the most delicate textiles. With the drying system Butterfly allow the clothes to do a spacial movements inside the basket that allow to have an uniform drying in all the clothes. The humidity control allows to stop the programme when the humidity arrives at the programmed level. Also the dryers are equipped with the microprocessor equipped with 7 programmes.