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Thanks to the flatwork ironer FI SERIES, restaurants and hotel can offer to their customer an impeccable service!
The flatwork ironer model FI is unique, because of three IMESA patents which guarantee: 
  • an ironing quality constant on all the roller length; 
  • the control of the ironing pressure by the chest on the roller;
  • the maximum safety thanks to the application of the no-panic bar on the ironer front. When pressed, the bar push back the chest, even in case of black out. 
Also, the microprocessor IM7, which equipped standard the machine, allows the user to:
  •  use up to 30 ironing programs which can be freely modified and named; 
  • electronically control the ironing speed, temperature and pressure;  
  • activate the Cool Down function to save energy; 
Standard equipped with a temperature / speed automatic adjustment system, the IMESA ironers assure a constant ironing quality for all the working shift.
IMESA FI series is the best solution for hotel and restaurant laundry! 

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Tumble dryers ES series

IMESA tumble dryers ES series is the ideal solution for the laundry needs of hotel, restaurants, wellness senters, hospitals, retirement homes, Coin Op laundries, ...

Standard equipped with the IM7 microprocessor, IMESA tumble dryer can: 
  • dialog in more then 15 languages, Russian included; 
  • work with 30 drying programs, which can be freely modified and named; 
  • work with automatic cycles, thanks to the residual humidy control standard on all IMESA dryers; 
  • adjust the drum rotation speed (optional); 
  • adjust the suction fan speed (optional);
Thanks to the sturdy structure and the stainless steel drum, IMESA tumble dryer is a reliable machine, well adapted to the use into prefossional laundry, both in dry cleaning and laundry inside hotels, restaurants, hospitals and really important in the Coin Op shop. 

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The high spin washing machine IMESA LM Series uses the latest technologies to assure the best laundry results for restaurants, hotels, wellness centres, retirement homes, hospitals and all the structures whose need a laundry solution.  IMESA high spin washing machines are all equipped with the new touch screen computer IM8 and with the GSM remote assistance module!

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IMESA tougth to a special range of high spin washing machines dedicated to the industrial laundry. Starting from a 55Kg capacity, arriving to 125 Kg/h, the IMESA washer is able to meet these kind of laundries needs assuring a huge saving in time and price. 
100 Kg/h and 125 Kg/h models are the results of important research about the mechanical vibration. Studies thanks which a new shock absorber system was developed: the usual oil shock absorber were replaced by stainless steel wire shock absorbers (Patent TV2014A000079). 
Thanks to this new system, the IMESA washing machine can bear a +15% potential unbalance in comparison with the washer using a traditional shock absorber system. The steel wire shock absorbers have a quite endless life, on the contrary a oil shock absorber needs to be replaced after 3/4 years with a difficult and expensive operation. IMESA washing machine, therefore, allows to save in maintenance costs.

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The washing machine series D2W is the correct solution to assure high standards of hygiene and safety to hospitals, retirement home, nurseries, pharmaceutical industries, alimentary industries.  
The special configuration of this washing machine allows to avoid the contact between dirty and clean  linen, in compliance with the Euope rule UNI EN 14065:2004 and respecting the standard of RABC certification.

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IMESA offers a wide range of low spin washing machines equipped with an electronic timer with six programs.The user needs only to press the corresponding key an press start, no way to make mistakes!
 Washing machine with a capacity starting form 40 Kg are standard equipped with the new IM8 computer and with the remote assistance control by GSM!

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P-Line series was designed to assure the same efficiency of a professional laundry to small beauty centre, hairdresser and barber shops, small restaurants, … to all those structures which needs a professional laundry solution, but not big hourly productivity.
Washing machine and tumble dryer may be equipped with a coin box, it means that these products can be installed in small self service laundry point (residence, student home, camping, hostels …)


The LM 7 P washing machine is suitable for any kind of installation thanks its sturdy structure. Frontal and top panels of this machine are in stainless steel AISI 304. The microprocessor is very user-friendly.
In addition, the washine machines LM 65 P e LM 80 P on the P-LINE range ensure a high level of stability thank of the innovative lay-off system. The washing machines are equipped with two water connection, hot and cold water that allow to save energy because the hot water in the system it is reused, decreasing the time of hitting and programme's duration.


The ES 7 P tumble dryer is designed to be complementary to the LM 7 P washing machine. Following the same style of the washer, the dryer is equipped with frontal and top panels in stainless steel AISI 304 and with an easy to be used microprocessor. Dryer can be installed next to the washing machine or stacked on it. The dyers ES 65 P and ES 80 P guarantee a professional dry also in the most delicate textiles. With the drying system Butterfly allow the clothes to do a spacial movements inside the basket that allow to have an uniform drying in all the clothes. The humidity control allows to stop the programme when the humidity arrives at the programmed level. Also the dryers are equipped with the microprocessor equipped with 7 programmes.