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Tumble dryers ES series

IMESA tumble dryers ES series is the ideal solution for the laundry needs of hotel, restaurants, wellness senters, hospitals, retirement homes, Coin Op laundries, ...

Standard equipped with the IM7 microprocessor, IMESA tumble dryer can: 
  • dialog in more then 15 languages, Russian included; 
  • work with 30 drying programs, which can be freely modified and named; 
  • work with automatic cycles, thanks to the residual humidy control standard on all IMESA dryers; 
  • adjust the drum rotation speed (optional); 
  • adjust the suction fan speed (optional);
Thanks to the sturdy structure and the stainless steel drum, IMESA tumble dryer is a reliable machine, well adapted to the use into prefossional laundry, both in dry cleaning and laundry inside hotels, restaurants, hospitals and really important in the Coin Op shop. 

Download Catalogue [pdf]