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Freshness and washing parfume, why shoud the laundry give it up? Starting from today the most delicated garments can be washed without any fear they could be felted, restricted and damaged. 
IMESA Wet Clean solution is simple, intuitive and highly professional. 
The LM series washing machine, in the Wet Clean configuration, is standard equipped with 6 detergent pumps mounted on a trolley and with a door injektor for finishing and waterproofing substances.  Thanks to the IM8 computer flexibility and modern technology, each laundry can manage up to 200 customized washing programs. Not only, the washing machine innovative mechanical system allows a soft treatment with low mechanical stress to the fibers. The IM8 computer is really easy to be programmed and can work with any detergent. 
The ES series tumble dryers complete the Wet Clean system with 30 drying programs, which can be customized on the different fabrics needs. The IMESA tumble dryer is standard equipped with the residual humidity control, it means that the programs can be set to stops when the fixed mosture has been reached. Not only, the ES tumble dryer can control the Drum Speed and the suction fan capacity. 
IMESA Wet TANDEM Clean system is really the ideal solution for the professional laundry even when the shop surface is not enough! Thanks to TANDEM, the dry cleaning shop must not renounce to offer the advantages of a Wet System. Washing machine and Tumble Dryer stacked: a perfect working Wet Clean System fitted in less than 1 mq. 
Today, even the smallest shop can offer the pleasure of a fresh, scented, washed garment whitout any risk to damage precious fabrics or to spoil expensive linen. TANDEM put together in only one machine the innovation and the flexbility of IMESA washer and dryer. 
TANDEM frees the laundry form surface problems offering two machines, which are completely independent. TANDEM  does not have the limitation aof a common wash and dry machines, washer and dryer can wok at the same time, or in two different moment, like in a traditional laundry.