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5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Kitchen Equipment

Choosing Kitchen Equipment

It is an open secret that the cooking has transformed from the basic three stone to the cooker and lately, to more advanced commercial kitchen and cooking equipment. Restaurants and hotels are going the extra mile to design and build kitchen equipment that fits their building and cooking style and structures.

Having the right equipment for your kitchen is important for proper cooking and if you are venturing into the hospitality industry, it plays a big role in the growth of the business. Just like any other business, some factors determine the success or failure of your cooking business, and getting the right equipment for the job is one of them. Below are factors that one should consider when choosing commercial kitchen equipment in Kenya.

Energy Efficiency of the Kitchen Equipment

When making purchases of kitchen equipment, most people pay attention to the initial cost of the equipment. However, you should focus on the total lifetime cost of the product.
As it stands, a commercial kitchen consumes 2.5 times more energy than any other commercial space. Nevertheless, one can still manage to post better energy results by using energy-efficient kitchen equipment. Such savings could help the company post better returns.

Purpose of the Kitchen Equipment

When purchasing kitchen equipment such as a pizza oven, you should understand your business needs. For example, you should buy equipment that will meet your business demand as well as produce the quantities required. If you are getting into small scale cooking, big equipment may be a waste of resources as opposed to the same equipment for large scale business.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Equipment is Future-proof

Commercial kitchen equipment can be quite expensive to purchase, and all the necessary efforts should go into the process for ambitious businesses. This is to ensure that the equipment will not act as a hindrance to your expansion plans. As such, you should always confirm that no new model is expected before purchasing an appliance since new models come with cost saving effeciencies for your business. This will ensure that your kitchen equipment will not be obsolete or will be needing an upgrade after a short time.

Does the Kitchen Equipment Support Food Safety Requirements?

In the recent past, several businesses globally have faced food poisoning cases. Some of these cases are as a result of consuming food cooked from professional kitchens. However, offering food that is maybe dangerous to one’s health can land you in prison or paying fines. For this reason, you should make use of kitchen equipment that abides by all existing legislation. Such a move will help you avoid unnecessary instances of food poisoning, avoid legal troubles as well as enhance your reputation.

Confirm the Quality is Right for Commercial Kitchen

There is a difference between domestic, industrial and commercial kitchen equipment. Thus, you should purchase the right equipment for its intended use to ensure you get the best out of the equipment. Also, to avoid cases of devoid warranties, you should buy the right, quality equipment for a commercial kitchen.

Consider the Available Space for The Kitchen Equipment

Most commercial kitchen equipment requires maximum floor space. Hence, when making a purchase, one should consider how the new equipment will fit in your current layout. Where the kitchen space is limited, one should look for multi-purpose equipment that will help them save on space.


When purchasing kitchen equipment, you should avoid impulse buying as it might not be beneficial in the long-run. However, you should consider the factors named above to decide on the best purchase to make. When looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances, one should look no further than Jimtec Services. We have qualified personnel to guide you through the process. Contact us for a quotation or any technical assistance.

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